UN International Human Solidarity Day

Zoom event, 20 December 2020, from 16.00 - 18.00 (GMT)

Promoting solidarity for social wellbeing and peace by taking action through faith, interfaith and secular initiatives


Messages of solidarity from: Helen Nellis, HM Kord Lieutenant of Bedfordshire; Maria Lovell, Mayor of Luton; Susan Lousada, High Sheriff of Bedfordshire; Sarah Owen MP, MP for Luton North, Rachel Hopkins MP, MP for Luton South

Laura Church, Corporate Director for Population Wellbeing, Luton Borough Council: Strategy for population wellbeing during and after the pandemic

David Jonathan (Johny), Director, Grassroots and Luton Council of Faiths: Solidarity from faith and interfaith perspective

Sr Maire Hayes, Spirituality of Justice Programme coordinator for Grassroots and Luton Council of Faiths and Interfaith Coordinator for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Northampton: Solidarity with Creation

Vinod Tailor MBE DL, former High Sheriff of Bedfordshire: Solidarity in the voluntary sector – dealing with the challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Kim Greig, Coordinator, Near Neighbours Programme in Luton: Neighbourly solidarity through social action

Meryl Dolling, Chair, Inner Wheel, Rotary Club, Luton North & former High Sheriff of Bedfordshire: Inner Wheel - Women’s solidarity for humanitarian actions

Programme for International Human Solidarity Day 2020.pdf
Extract from 'Community' magazine Report on LCoF Peace March

75th anniversary of the birth of the United Nations
Zoom event, 24 October 2020, from 16.00 - 18.00 (British Standard Time)

Speakers at the Zoom meeting

Promoting democratic principles and values for equality, respect and peace through appropriate action

We held, with the Muslim Professionals Forum - London, a Zoom event to mark the 75th anniversary of the UN. We and our world are facing unprecedented challenges to safety, security, equity, sustainable development, economic growth and peace. This is the time to reflect on how we can move forward together locally, nationally and globally to deal with the challenges and contribute towards achieving a better future for us and our younger generations.

See panel on left for speakers and topics

Programme for UN Day 24 October 2020.pdf
Luton News Faith Matters UN Day 2020.pdf

Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

On UN Day, 24 October 2020, people from the local Quaker Meeting took the message of United Nations Day to Bedford Market Square. Their focus was on the UN's 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons which called on states "never to develop, produce, manufacture, otherwise acquire, possess or stockpile nuclear weapons”.  It was announced this weekend that it has been ratified by 50 countries so that it is legally binding and comes into force on January 21st 2021. But nuclear nations, including the UK, have not done so. The pressure continues.

 The United Nations offers an alternative to competition between countries essential in the face of climate change, pandemics and human rights abuses. Work both internationally and locally is needed to build a world in which no country claims status through nuclear weapons and where all countries have a voice which is heard.


UN International Day of Democracy
Zoom event: 15 September 2020 from 4.00pm to 6.00pm (British summer time)

With the Muslim Professionals Forum - London, we held a Zoom event to mark the UN International Day of Democracy: Promoting democratic principles and values for equality, respect, and

peace through appropriate action.


Dr David Cheesman, FRSA, FRSS: former Head of Policy and Research at the Housing Corporation, former Visiting Professor of Society and Development at Sheffield
Hallam University, author of Landlord Power and Rural Indebtedness in Colonial Sind among other publications: Covid-9 and democracy

Shaista Khan: Marketing Professional, International SDG Consultant-Life Coach-Communications Specialist: Women's empowerment

Cllr. Khaled Noor Barrister-at-Law (N/P), Solicitor - Chair of MPF, Councillor, London Borough of Redbridge: Democracy in respect of Mulsim participation and representation in the UK

Dr Helen Connolly: Senior Lecturer in Sociology & Course Coordinator for MA in Human Rights and Social Enterprise, University of Bedfordshire, Chair of Remembering Srebrenica Board for East of England: Refugees in the pandemic

Programme for International Day of Democracy 2020.pdf
D Cheesman - Covid-19 and democracy 15 Sept 2020.pdf
S Khan - Women's empowerment 15 Sept 2020.pdf
K Noor Muslim participation 15 Sept 2020.pdf
Luton News Faith Matters Day of Democracy 2020.pdf

Commemoration of International Mother Language Day

University of Bedfordshire: 24 February 2020

 The commemoration was organised by the UNA-Luton at the University of Bedfordshire, with support from the University of Bedfordshire and Purbachal - the eastern sky, a Bangladeshi cultural and artiistic organisation. International Mother Language Day was proclaimed by UNESCO in 1999 in honour of the students killed by the police in Dhaka, then East Pakistan, who protested against the decision of the Pakistan government to impose Urdu as the only national language of the country, suppressing Bengali which was spoken by the Majority. It is a unique example of people dying to protect their language.

See the message from Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO 

Scenes from Mother Language Day